Oh-Da-Ko-Ta Camping Forms

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Here you will find a "One Sheet" and permission form for Oh-Da-Ko-Ta Campout

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One Sheeter and Permission Slip for Oh-Da-Ko-Ta Camp

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Thanksgiving, Camp Lakota

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Scouts and Scouters,

Attached is information for this weekend’s campout.  Included is an updated “One Sheet”

Lake Le Aqua Na, Camping

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Fishing: Periodic stockings of walleye, northern pike and channel catfish compliment the lake’s self-sustaining largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie and bullheads. Brush piles and fish cribs are located throughout the lake and provide the perfect habitat for the fish population. To keep the supply abundant, however, regulations governing catch limits and sizes are strictly enforced.

Natural Features: Oak, hickory, walnut and other hardwood trees are in abundance, along with large tracts of pine plantation. A good variety of woodland wildflowers, including Dutchmans breeches, bloodroot and bluebells, cover the ground in the spring and early summer. Squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and other small animals are often seen in the wooded areas, and deer are also frequently sighted.

Observant visitors might also catch a glimpse of a badger. For many years, Lake Le-Aqua-Na was the only State Recreation Area where badgers could be seen. They have recently begun to populate other State Recreation Areas, however, and are becoming less rare.

Trails: Enjoy hiking 8.5 miles of marked trails include something for everyone.

Lakewood Camping & Corn Maze Outing

posted Sep 7, 2011, 6:32 AM by Lance Baird

Troop 392!
An awesome outing is coming up October 14th to the 16th, so sign up now - the flyer is posted on the troop bulletin board. Alternatively, email me that you are coming and I'll put you on my list.
We’re going to camp in Lakewood Forest Preserve and get lost and found (hopefully) in the world’s largest corn maze at Richardson’s Farm! 

Richardson's Farm

9407 Richardson Road

Spring Grove, IL 60081

(815) 675-9729


Lakewood Forest Preserve

Lake County Forest Preserves

2000 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Libertyville, IL 60048



Let's go camping!

Mr. Baird


Mississippi River Houseboat Final Preparations

posted Jun 12, 2011, 9:30 AM by Lance Baird

Hey all you Mississippi riverboat pilots! Please check out the updated one-sheet!
Here's the updated attendance and passenger list I have for the houseboat trip as of 7/7/11:
 Driver  Mr.Baird     Mr. Adame  Mr. Stanford  Mrs. Shrikanth 

Duncan, Theo, Paul A.

Alex, Bailey, Shahir, Zachary

Mrs. Courtney,   Rian, Kevin, Mrs. Zawadzki, Daniel

Mr. Einig, Rahul, Michael

(1pm departure)

Except for Mrs. Shrikanth, we are meeting at the church at 8:30 am for a 9am departure. Leaders, we will meet at 8am to get troop gear loaded up before the personal gear arrives. If you are not attending, cannot drive, or cannot carry the number of passengers I have assigned to you, please let me know. Depending on the quantity of gear and passenger capacity, we may need to drive one additional car but I'd like to avoid the cost if possible.
I realize you gnarly man-scouts may also want to travel in a different car than I have assigned - don't worry, we'll work that out in the parking lot the day of the trip. Also, man-scouts, remember your SPL for the outing is Duncan and a the patrol leaders are Alex and Kevin.
Adults, please visit and make sure your Youth Protection Training, Safety Afloat, Safe Swim Defense, and Weather Hazards training is up to date. If you haven't taken the training, you will have to sign up for an account - have your Scout ID card handy.
We will finalize the menu at the scout meeting on 6/14, so if you want input on the menu, please show up to the meeting. If you have an allergy or other dietary restriction and can't make it to the meeting, please make sure I know about it!
Also, please bring a check for $100 (minimum, or you can pay the full amount at that time) to the 6/14 to cover the cost of the boat rental.
I have attached a permission slip and a one-sheeter for the outing. Please print out the permission slip and bring a signed copy to the meeting.
In summary, you have  things to do at the next meeting: bring a signed permission slip, bring a $100 check, elect an SPL and 2 PL's, and do your menu planning. In addition, adults need to let me know if they can drive with the assigned number of passengers and complete their training before July  8th.
For your ready reference, here is the information about the trip:
when: July 8-11
where: Fun n the Sun, Alma, WI
cost: $275 each
requirements: 1st Class or higher rank
organizer: Lance Baird 847-788-0969

Here's the floor plan of our boats and I have attached some pictures that show what our boats will look like.

and here are some links to Mississippi River maps so you can plan the journey:
by US Army Corps of Engineers and
by Wisconsin Tourism.

It's going to be awesome!

Houseboat Trip on the Mississippi River

posted Feb 1, 2011, 6:15 PM by Lance Baird

Hey all you Mark Twain wanna-be's, here's your chance to be a river pilot on the mighty Mississippi River -- we're going down the river (or up, maybe) on a houseboat!
Mark your calendars and make sure you sign up for the trip ASAP because we can only take 20 Scouts total.

when: July 7-10
where: Fun n the Sun, Alma, WI
cost: $280 each
requirements: 1st Class or higher rank
organizer: Lance Baird

Here's the floor plan of our boats and I have attached some pictures that show what our boats will look like.

and here are some links to Mississippi River maps so you can plan the journey:
by US Army Corps of Engineers and
by Wisconsin Tourism.

It's going to be an awesome trip!

Ongoing Fundraiser

posted Jul 24, 2010, 7:38 AM by T392 Administrator

Our Saviour's United Methodist Men partners with the Manna Group

Fundraising Made Simple!



Dear Scout Parent:


Our Saviour's is expanding its Gift Card program to benefit the Scouts who are partnered with us. The United Methodist Men have provided financial support to your organization for many years. We have been using this script program for many years here at OSUMC. The profits were originally used by the building committee. When there no longer was a need there, the profits were re-directed to the education committee. The profits were used by education to refurnish the classrooms after the day care moved to their own building.


Now the profits are available to fund some of your needs in the Scouting program. The Manna Group Scrip Program is a tried and true way to painlessly raise needed funds. This scrip program will allow our organization to fundraise while we shop. Many of you may be familiar with a scrip program as it is very popular in area schools and churches.


“Scrip” is the name given to gift cards and certificates which are provided from local and national retailers. They are the same gift cards available in stores.  Nationally known retailers include Wal-Mart, Jewel, Dominick's, JC Penney, Kohl's, Best Buy, Shell, Speedway, Starbucks, The Home Depot and Subway all participate in the scrip program along with hundreds of others.


How can these retailers help us raise money? It’s simple . . . partnered vendors agree to sell gift cards to our organization at a discount. Families like yours buy the gift cards at full face value and our organization keeps the difference as profit. NO SELLING INVOLVED!


Put your everyday shopping dollars to work. Earn money for our organization without spending anything additional.  Simply purchase gift cards from stores that participate in The Manna Group scrip program! Grocery, gasoline, clothing, entertainment, and household goods can be purchased using scrip.


Scrip is an exciting fundraising tool because everybody wins:


·        You get a fundraising alternative that involves NO SELLING

·        Our organization will have a regular source of revenue

·        Partnered vendors receive repeat business


The Manna Group Scrip program promises to be a simple and effective fundraising program. We hope we can count on your support! Start shopping today!


Sales will start tonight. Orders will be taken the evening of each Court of Honor and delivered the next Tuesday. Payment is due at the time the order is placed. Checks should be made out to OSUMC.


Even though the percent profit varies from 3% to over 20%, I have found that over time the average profit is around 4% of sales. So if you spend $100 on gift cards, then the profit averages about $4.00.

Computers Merit Badge

posted Jun 4, 2010, 6:26 PM by Lance Baird

Troop 392 Computers merit badge candidates,
One of the things we will be learning is how to build your own computer. If you want to study up on your own, here are some useful links:,2843,644478,00.asp
See you in class!

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